Window Styles For Your Vallejo Home

If you live in or near Vallejo, CA, you live in a beautiful area surrounded by gorgeous views. We have it all: the San Pablo and Grizzly Bays, Napa Valley and the Wine Country—and we are located at the center of the state; perfect for travels to the Pacific Northwest and the hybrid Spanish-American flavors in Southern Cal.

So, what do you look at when you sit down for your morning coffee or early yoga stretches to jump start your day? More specifically, what windows are you looking through at your surroundings (and are you happy with them)?

At American Window Systems, our team has dedicated years to our clients and their home windows. We know there are pros and cons to every option. Check out the following for the various window types you can choose for your Vallejo home!

  1. Horizontal Slider Window (double or single):
    Pros: easy operation, easy cleaning, low cost.
    Cons: can only open half of window at a time; somewhat limited ventilation.
  2. Single- or Double-Hung Windows
    Pros: a very classic look with countless styles, materials, and color options; tilt-out model available.
    Cons: can only open half of window at a time; somewhat limited ventilation; requires very good weather stripping.
  3. Bay & Bow Windows
    Pros: both styles create a unique windowsill; add class and extra square footage to any room, multi-view, increased natural light and air circulation.
    Cons: repairs often times require total replacement.
  4. Casement Windows
    Pros: easy operation, maximize breezes and views (of the Bays!), tight close and inconspicuous hardware.
    Cons: extra-large casement windows can actually weigh themselves down over the years which may cause more difficult closure.
  5. Garden Window
    Pros: added natural light and storage space (for plants, ripening produce, collectibles, etc.).
    Cons: increases solar heat indoors (which is the goal, for most residents, to create a mini-greenhouse).
  6. Geometric Windows
    Pros: very unique and conducive to a contemporary home aesthetic.
    Cons: fixed, inoperable, no ventilation, more difficult to clean.
  7. Awning Windows
    Pros: good for bringing natural light and added airflow into smaller spaces; can be left open during rainy weather (rain runs down and away from the sash). Low in cost.
    Cons: if close to an outdoor walkway, these windows may cause an obstruction when open; need to be cleaned often.
  8. Skylight Windows
    Pros: add sunlight to any space; lower heating bills.
    Cons: difficult to clean; can become leaky over time.
  9. Picture Windows
    Pros: beautiful backdrop “picture” for any space—especially shared living spaces; made for windy cities, severe environments, and beautiful views—hello, Vallejo!
    : fixed, inoperable, no ventilation.

What windows do you want to look through to see your Vallejo views? If you are still unsure, give our team at American Window Systems a call or visit our showroom Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Our company has been providing homeowners and builders with quality new and replacement windows of all styles since 1976! We look forward to offering you the lowest prices and highest quality Vallejo, CA windows installation and products—we’ll see you soon!

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