Vinyl Window Benefits

Vinyl windows have become quite popular in the last thirty years. Many homeowners prefer them over any other type of windows. Why? For a number of reasons! Read on to see the benefits of vinyl windows and why you should consider them the next time you need to replace your windows.

Vinyl windows are actually more affordable than other windows. Wood windows can be very expensive. And though they are gorgeous and offer a natural look, vinyl is still the cheaper choice without losing quality and durability.

Vinyl doesn’t require any maintenance. Besides using soap and water to give it a nice wipe down, vinyl windows need no other attention. Some other windows require periodical maintenance in between actual heavy maintenance, but not vinyl. You’ll never have to worry about re-staining, resealing, refurbishing, or re-sanding your windows. And you’ll save time not having to fuss over vinyl windows like you would with other windows.

Vinyl windows are durable. Made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride, (which is known for making plumbing pipes), vinyl windows can withstand a beating. Harsh rain, heavy snow and winds, you name it. Vinyl can take it. Vinyl windows are also dent, scratch and chip proof. In addition to not needing maintenance, vinyl windows will stay looking like-new for years to come.

Vinyl windows are also very energy efficient. While some homeowners think energy efficiency means going green, energy efficiency is so much more. Energy efficient windows (such as vinyl windows) can lower the cost of your high energy bills and save you money. No matter where you live, saving money is a wonderful thing…especially around the holidays. You can take that extra money from your windows and put it back into your home or you can spend it on a little present for yourself. We won’t tell!

Vinyl windows are also wonderful at reducing noise and ultra-violet rays. Outside noise can often be annoying and troublesome, ruining a good night of sleep or quiet time. With vinyl windows, you can rest easy knowing your windows are doing all that they can to block out noise. Ultra-violet rays can wreak havoc on the inside of your home, causing furniture, antiques, carpeting and flooring to fade and become sun-damaged. However, vinyl windows work day and night to block ultra-violet rays from penetrating the windows.

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