California Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are like magic windows for homes all across the country. While it may seem like they’ve just hit the market recently, they’ve actually been around for decades. Vinyl windows are made from components of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC–the same material that is often used to make plumbing pipes. Because this material can hold up to the damaging currents of water and the everyday use that plumbing pipes were made for, you’ll never have to worry when your windows are put to the test. Vinyl windows are strong, solid and gorgeous.

High winds, heavy rain and lots of snowfall are just some of the things that can wear windows out and stop them from performing at their maximum level. But vinyl windows can really take a beating. These windows are made to last! Vinyl windows are practically dent and scratch proof and easy to maintain, too!

Other materials and windows on the markets have to be maintained quite often. For example, wood windows need to be periodically maintained in addition having big overhauls. Things such as sanding, staining, sealing and refurbishing can sometimes be an issue for homeowners who don’t have the time for such projects. However, if you purchase vinyl windows, you’ll never have to go through that. Vinyl windows require just soap and water to clean them and really are virtually maintenance free.

In addition to their easy maintenance, vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient. Energy efficient windows are great to have in your home. These special windows help lower the cost of high energy bills while working at their best to maintain your home’s temperature. This translates into a comfortable space throughout your home. Imagine not having to adjust your heat and air conditioning all the time. When you purchase vinyl windows, you’re more likely to have a more comfortable space.

In addition to all the other benefits above, vinyl windows will help reduce the amount of ultra-violet rays that come through your windows. While you might not think that ultra-violet rays are anything to worry about, they are. These rays can damage, fade, and ruin things such as fabrics, carpeting, wood flooring, and antiques. With vinyl windows, you don’t need to worry about harmful rays ruining the inside of your home because are specially made to withstand the harsh Sonoma, California rays.

If you’re thinking of purchasing vinyl windows Sonoma or other types of windows, American Windows can help. We’ve been servicing homeowners in the area for over 50 years. We know windows and what works and what doesn’t for each home.

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