Choose the Perfect Window Style for Your Home

When it comes to replacing windows, most homeowners don’t know where to begin. Not only can the actual replacement process be difficult, but choosing the right window style for your home can be equally as complicated. That’s where we come in! American Window Systems offers quality window replacement services in Napa, California and surrounding cities. Let us detail a few of the most popular window styles on the market to give you inspiration for your home improvement journey. 

Bay Windows: One of the most popular styles on the market, bay windows can make any room feel open, airy, and beautiful. This style is formed by combining three windows at 30 to 45-degree angles. 

Picture Windows: Crafted without thick frames, picture windows are great for homes with beautiful views.

Bow Windows: Similar to bay windows, bow windows are more rounded in appearance. This style is the perfect way to make your dining and living room feel even more elegant. 

While there are many window styles you can choose from, these are a few of our favorites. If you are looking for window or door replacement services in the Napa area, please contact us for a consultation! We’d be happy to assess your unique needs and find the perfect window style for your home.