You’re Cracking Me Up

There you are: middle of summer in Santa Rosa, CA. The air conditioning is on but there’s a draft somewhere and it’s causing a bead of sweat to slowly snake its way down the slope of your back towards your rear nether-regions. How can this be happening? A voice in the back of your mind

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Going Out in Style!

Saying that a window is nothing more than a pane of glass stuck inside an insulated frame is like saying a house is just four walls and a roof! The truth is that are as many different styles of quality windows as there are nice homes in Vallejo, CA in which to install them. The

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Sometimes Change is Good

Sonoma, CA boasts some of the most stunning views in California. But it’s all for naught if your windows are hindering your view because the frames are warped, there’s condensation between the panes and harmful light pouring into your home. Replacement Vinyl window options offer a stylish, economical, and energy efficient alternative for your home’s

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The Condensed Version

Condensation: It’s almost like someone smeared Vaseline or oil between the panes of glass in your windows. The bad thing about condensation is that when it forms between double pane windows, it breaks the “seal” on the glass. Otherwise how would the condensation get in there, right? In humid climates, like that of Santa Rosa,

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