Going Out in Style!

Saying that a window is nothing more than a pane of glass stuck inside an insulated frame is like saying a house is just four walls and a roof! The truth is that are as many different styles of quality windows as there are nice homes in Vallejo, CA in which to install them. The trick is finding what suits your taste, your needs and your home. Like just about everything else that has to do with your home, the task of upgrading your windows can seem like a tough chore, but American Window Systems is here to lend you a hand and ensure that you choose the right vinyl windows to compliment your home and your budget.
Traditionally, according to Department of Energy, in the past, the most popular windows were “side-hinged windows, referred to as casements, and sliding sash windows. “New opening mechanisms such as friction and pivot hinges are increasingly popular. Window materials, shapes, and sizes vary considerably, as does terminology.” Replacement windows for older homes often need to be custom-built to suit your requirements.

Know Your Window Type

The Department of Energy explains that “Double-glazed, vinyl windows offer excellent heat and sound insulation.” Old windows are often replaced throughout a house by new vinyl windows. In addition to white, other finishes are available, such as wood-grain. And the best thing? Vinyl requires little maintenance.

In contrast, explains the DOE, where maximum light is required, “aluminum windows can be an excellent option-the strength of aluminum means a thin frame can support a large expanse of glass. However, aluminum conducts heat out of the home and is prone to condensation. Double-glazing may be required by building regulations to reduce heat loss. Old aluminum windows were prone to rust, but modern versions are coated during manufacturing and are durable and low-maintenance.”

Frames with decorative, real wood on the inside and maintenance-free fiberglass or vinyl exteriors are also available. Traditional lead lights are made up of small pieces of glass held between strips of lead within a wood frame. Other types of windows in Vallejo, CA are available with lead-light-effect double-glazing.
What You Want, When You Want it

If the window you choose doesn’t meet your needs and desires, then we’re not doing our jobs! The overall design can really make or break the window.

At American Window Systems, when it comes to different types of windows, we will help compliment your style and your housing needs with cutting edge technology and savings that will stay with you for the as long as you own your home!

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