Vinyl vs Wood

When it comes to choosing window materials, it’s not always the easiest decisions. Pricing and style always go into the decision-making process. However, it’s important that whatever windows and frame material you choose should fit your personal tastes. And though budgets will play a significant role in the final decision, it should never be the sole deciding factor on a home project this large.

When it comes down to the timeless debate of which is better: vinyl or wood, the decision should be made with caution and research. It’s important to approach the options with an open mind. Some homeowners always have a preset notion that one is better than the other and sometimes for their particular home, budget and preference, one is. But if you really want your home to look its best and if you want to pick the window that is absolutely right for your home, then it’s important to compare them side by side and look into what makes each window great.

Vinyl windows are wonderful because they are one of the most affordable windows on the market. They’re very easy to clean, don’t require much maintenance, and have a slew of benefits. Vinyl windows are extremely energy efficient and these windows can save you money. In fact, over time, your vinyl windows can pay for themselves. Vinyl windows are known to save homeowners 15% annually on their energy bills. Now that’s something you can’t argue with. Vinyl windows are also very sturdy and durable. They’re made for everyday wear and tear since they’re made from polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. This material is usually found in plumbing pipes, showing how truly durable and strong it is.

On the other hand, wood windows are gorgeous and can give that natural wood finish that vinyl windows cannot. They’re also very sturdy and durable. Wood windows are generally more expensive than vinyl windows and require more maintenance as the years go by. Wood windows need to be routinely maintained. They may require painting, sanding, sealing and refurbishing over time. Vinyl windows will never need any of that.

While there is a lot to consider when choosing wood or vinyl windows, it’s safe to say that doing some research and hiring the right company is important. At American Window Systems, Inc., we’re here for you every step of the way. We’ve been servicing the Benecia area for years. Our trusted service has made us the number one choice in the area. We bring a wealth of window knowledge and excellent products to the table, whether you want wood or vinyl windows in your Benecia, California home.

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