Replacement Windows In Greenbrae CA

Three Serious Risks of Not Replacing Your Windows

At American Window Systems, we provide premier door and window replacement services in Napa and surrounding cities. When homeowners consider significant home maintenance tasks, window projects don’t often come to mind. However, ensuring your home’s windows are functional and safe is important for many reasons. Our team of experts has listed three reasons below:

  1. Reduced Energy Efficiency: If the windows in your home are older, there’s a good chance they are not effectively keeping your home insulated. If this is the case, you’ll likely end up paying higher energy bills. Save money every month and keep your home’s temperature regulated with new, properly installed windows. 
  2. Physical Safety Risk: If the windows on your home have been there for a while, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect them or replace them. Windows that do not properly shut and lock can pose risks to children and animals. Additionally, intruders may have easier access to your home. Finally, windows that have minor damages can eventually shatter leading to potential physical injuries due to the glass. 
  3. Ineffective Emergency Exits: Windows that don’t open correctly or are even painted shut can be a significant safety concern. In emergencies, window exits can often be lifesaving. However, they need to be functional to be useful. 

While we don’t intend to make our customers nervous with this information, we want people to be informed about the importance of functional windows. American Window Systems understands that most people are not window experts, but we have a team that is dedicated to meeting this need. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please click here. Our experts would love to assist you in tackling this home improvement project.