The Pros and Cons of Windows

Knowing the benefits and disadvantages of each type and style of window is an important part of purchasing new or replacement windows. It’s always good to know the benefits and drawbacks of windows such as wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. And although every product has its pros and cons, vinyl windows have some of the best pros and the least amount of cons when considering these types of windows for your next purchase.

Every homeowner wants to purchase a product that works for them rather than paying for a product that they’ll have to work hard to maintain, fix, or replace time and time again. Not only is it a waste of time it’s also a waste of money to invest in a product like that. With vinyl windows, you’ll never have to worry about wasting precious time maintaining these windows. Unlike other windows, you’ll never have to worry about paint chipping which causes windows to look decrepit, old, and unmaintained.  Vinyl windows are scratch and dent proof and will never require you to spend a weekend repainting, re-staining or even resealing them. Vinyl windows are made of components of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, and are made to last and look like-new for years to come. PVC is also what plumbing pipes are made of which gives you an idea of how durable and strong these windows are.

Vinyl windows are also very energy efficient. This is good for a number of reasons. For one, energy efficiency is good for the environment and helps lower carbon footprints. Another benefit is that vinyl windows usually have special coating to protect against damaging UV rays that can ruin the inside of a home. These types of windows also have low-emissivity levels. In addition, vinyl windows will lower the amount of energy your home uses thus lowering the amount of money you pay every month on your energy bills. This is a major benefit of vinyl windows since lowering your energy bills equals saving money, which translates to free windows! With all the money you’ll save on your new lowered energy bills, your vinyl windows will pay for themselves.

While other windows can be great too, none can compare to vinyl windows. Our vinyl windows at American Window Systems, Inc. come in a variety of colors and styles and look great in every home. Our windows will give your home that added touch that it needs to take it to that HGTV level in no time. Our expert team is here to help you through every step of the process.

And with 50-years’ experience in the window industry you can rest assured knowing that we will handle everything the right way the first time. That is why we’re the number one choice for vinyl windows in Sonoma, CA.

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