The Dangers of Not Replacing Your Windows

In need of replacement windows for your home? Then you’ve come to the right place! At American Window Systems Inc, we have a huge variety of replacement windows every homeowner can choose from. Whether you’re looking to replace windows on your Colonial or Victorian home, or somewhere in between, we have windows that will look gorgeous in your space.

Sometimes homeowners can be unsure if their windows really need replacing and, because of this, they let their windows go too long without fixing or replacement. This can pose many problems for any home. When a window is not fixed or replaced and goes unmaintained, it can cause damage to the surrounding areas. For instance, if the window is damaged with water leaks in the sash or casing, there’s a good chance your window can’t be fixed and will need to be replaced. If this goes unrecognized and there are huge rainstorms and heavy winds that push water into your home, the area around your window can become damaged with the water as well. That’s a whole other problem that will need fixing in addition to replacing your damaged window.

The same thing goes for dangerous broken windows. Say for instance your window is broken and you put it off because you don’t have time to deal with it or you don’t have the funds. Later, you have a party at your home. If the window falls on someone or shatters on the ground and causes glass to impale someone, you’ll become liable. And with liability comes responsibility and possible fees. Medical bills and even potential legal bills can now be something you have to deal with. All of these things are items that could have been avoided if you would have replaced your window when it was time.

There’s also the issue of emergencies. If there is ever a fire in your home and your window is the only option for escape, if that window is broken and won’t open or is painted shut, those few minutes it would take to shatter the window and get out can cost you and your family their life. The cost of replacement windows is not worth losing your life. When it comes to matters like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Homes and cars are two things that people should never neglect. Both protect people and can be the shield in a life and death matter.

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