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Spring Signs that It is Time for Replacement Windows

Your home needs regular and seasonal upkeep, and that includes its windows. Most people think that winter is the toughest season for windows, but springtime can also be troublesome if they are not in the best condition.

If you are not sure about how efficient your windows are, there are a number of signs that can tell you whether or not you need to repair or replace them. Companies that offer replacement windows in Greenbrae, CA offer some suggestions about what you should look for.   

Condensation in the window panes can be one warning sign that your windows might need to be replaced. This is a common issue that can be difficult to fix, because condensation gets stuck in the panes of glass, making it impossible to remove. If you start seeing condensation that you cannot wipe away because it is between glass panes, this can mean that the seals that keep the glass in the frames are failing. Unless your windows have a valid warranty, you will need to replace them.   

Spring is known for its rain, so it is important to have windows that can protect your property from water damage. If you see any signs of water making it into your home, it is vital that you consider replacing the windows. Signs of damage can include seeing moisture on windowsills, the beginnings of mold, or even rot. Do not wait too long if you spot any moisture making it into your home. It can be extremely difficult to fix once the damage is done.   

Because of the amount of rain in the spring, if your windows are not in the best condition or if they are too old, they will tend to swell. This can make opening and closing them very difficult. Some people assume this is normal in spring, but it is not. You should never have trouble opening the windows, since swelling can mean that there is damage to the frame. If a window swells, you can also expect it to contract at some point, which will warp the frame and can even damage the window panes.   

Drafts can also be a warning sign that you need to replace your windows. Although you may not worry about a bit of a draft in springtime, once the summer arrives, it can be a big concern. Drafts can mean that your air conditioning unit will not be as efficient in keeping the home at a comfortable temperature, so you will end up spending more money in your energy bill each month.   

These signs in spring are the ones you need to pay attention to if you want to ensure that your home is safe at all times. Greenbrae, CA replacement window companies suggest reaching out to professionals as soon as you spot any of these warnings. Turn to a company like American Window Systems, Inc., which you can find at 1729 Action Ave Suite B Napa, CA 94559 or by calling (707) 258-0880.