Seasonal Change and Replacement Windows

Is there a valid time of year when you should consider getting new replacement windows? Maybe ”Yes” and maybe “No.” A lot of these decisions are based on where you live. For example, some home improvements lend themselves better to warmer times of the year as opposed to cold. As a homeowner in Vallejo, CA, you don’t have that problem. So any month of the year is a good time for a replacement window change-over!

That said, there are things to consider in addition to the weather: your budget, whether you are planning to sell your property (and how soon you want to have it ready for potential buyers), and your own convenience. But ultimately, it is up to each homeowner to choose the time of year or season that is in their best interest.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Spring is a popular time of year for all types of home renovations, including window replacement. Warmer weather and longer days are conducive to this type of work. Keep in mind that it’s the busiest time of year for window installers; at Renaissance Windows, we ensure that all of our customers get high quality service from our experienced team of specialized installers any time of the year. On the other hand, the fall months bring moderate temperatures, but also some of the wettest months of the year. Days also begin to shorten once we “fall back” at the end of Daylight Saving Time. Depending on the size of your window replacement project, you could be looking at several days’ work instead of having installers at your home for just one day.


Summer is a very popular time of year to have your windows replaced. Days are long, but hot conditions can make it unpleasant to have openings in your home where warm air is allowed to enter while the work is being performed. Once your new windows are installed, you will reap the benefits of lower energy costs because you will have a more energy-efficient product in your home.

Tis the Season

With the distraction the Holiday Season, cooler weather and shorter days, many homeowners decide to put off window replacement projects for another time. Since winter months tend to be quieter ones for custom window companies, you would potentially have a shorter wait time for new windows than you would during the spring or summer months. This is an excellent time to look for a deal on the cost of either replacement windows Vallejo, CA or installation, or both.

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