Window and Door Services in Santa Rosa, CA

The City of Santa Rosa has a long and rich history that dates back to the earliest residents of these parts, known as the Pomo Native Americans. Through its history, Santa Rosa has remained an important part of California culture and those who live here understand its appeal very well. When you have a home in Santa Rosa and are thinking about replacement windows as an improvement project, there are certainly some things that you should consider before jumping out and making any purchase.

Know what you want before you step out your front door.

Today, there are plenty of ways for people to shop for the things that they want and need. All you have to do is go online and search through any number of engines and you’re going to find what you want. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to end up with what you should have, or what you deserve.

Living in Santa Rosa, with its expanse of Spanish style homes and the rolling wine valleys off in the distance, you likely have high standards, but even those of us who have these high standards can be fooled by some slick marketing and ways that other companies advertise their items to trick us into thinking that they are something different than what they are.

Which means that the more time you take to understand what you really want and need, especially when it comes to replacement windows, you’ll be more in line to make better decisions for yourself, your home, and your family.

So how do you know what you want when it comes to replacement windows? After all, it’s not like you’re going to be shopping for windows all of the time. This is a once every ten to twenty-year event, if that.

First, determine whether you’re going to want to change out the type of windows that are currently in place. For example, if you have a casement window in the kitchen, but you’re tired of turning the crank to open it and think that a double hung would be better there, then that’s something you should think about before you begin searching for the ideal windows.

If, on the other hand, you have two double hung windows in the dining area and you would love to see an unobstructed view of the garden you’ve planted in the backyard, then you might think a bay or bow window, or even a picture window would be more suited for that room now.

Once you have a general idea (you don’t need to know all of the specifics at this time) of what you’re looking for and what you want out of the replacement windows, it will make the process easier for you to navigate.

Experienced in the Window and Door Industry

Understand quality and how important replacement windows is for your Santa Rosa home.

When you begin shopping around for a company that will provide you with the windows that you want for your home, you’re going to have a few choices. Some of these companies will carry only a limited number of manufactures. Some will only carry one manufacturer of windows, but they’ll have all of the types of windows that you may want for your home.

Does this matter? It might not, as long as the quality of the windows is high. There are some companies that will sell you low-quality windows. You might even recognize the brand names, thinking that they must be good since you know them so well. In reality, though, the better the quality of replacement windows that you have in your home, the more they are going to work for you to help you save money on your energy bills, and the easier they are going to be to maintain.

Also, when you have high-quality windows, you’re going to enjoy them for a much longer period of time. The longer that you own your replacement windows, the more valuable they are (it’s basic math: if you pay $5,000 for replacement windows that only last 10 years, that’s about $500 per year, but if you spend $6,000 on replacement windows that last 20 years, that’s just $300 per year).

Know the company that you choose to for your replacement windows.

You might not know anything about the company that you contact with regard to replacement windows, but before you make any purchase, you should take the time to get to know them.

Find out about their history. Have they been around a long time? Or are they relatively new? If they are relatively new, what did the owners do before that? Were they involved in window replacement? What about their installers and salespeople? Do they know everything that there is to know about replacement windows?

Also, find out about their past customer service. Are there complaints registered against them with the Better Business Bureau? If so, have they been addressed and closed to the satisfaction of those clients? What about reviews online? Do they have a positive reputation?

If you just follow in blind faith the promises that a company makes, you increase the risk of being burned in the relationship.

And that’s what this is in the end: a relationship. You’re making a significant investment in your home’s improvement, and you deserve to take the time to be sure that the company you choose for your replacement windows in Santa Rosa is going to place your needs ahead of their own.

At American Window Systems, Inc., we have been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Santa Rosa understand the importance of their decisions when it comes to replacement windows. We started our business in 1976 and have been dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and support to all of our clients ever since.

We understand that you’ll have questions. Ask them. The more you know about the replacement windows you’re thinking about purchasing, the more comfortable you’ll be with your final decision.

When you have questions, in the beginning, call on American Window Systems, Inc. We’re confident you’ll find us to be everything you want from a window contractor.