Window and Door Services in Corte Madera, CA

Thinking about getting replacement windows for your Corte Madera home? When you embark on this home improvement project, you may end up finding out that it can be simultaneously nerve-racking and exciting. Before you jump the gun and check out a couple of companies that offer replacement windows for your home, think about some of the things that you should look for, and know, about them.

Not all companies are created equal

There are many different types of business throughout the area. Some are small, independent operations that work from home while others are international powerhouses. Just because one is small and the other is international, that doesn’t make one better than the other.

You need to look deeper into their history. You need to understand what their philosophy is and how they treat their customers to determine whether that’s the type of company that you want to deal with.

Small, independent, one person operations, when it comes to replacement windows, are not likely going to have the resources that you deserve. They might be selling your windows that they have access to through an affiliate site, but they might not be registered with the manufacturer. You would basically find the same products and offers by searching online for them and buying directly from the manufacturer. These independent contractors are trying to sell windows so that they can charge for the installation.

Don’t misunderstand this: all replacement window companies charge for installation. If they say they don’t, then they are hiding those charges in the price of the windows. No one can give away their time and still stay in business.

But these small, independent contractors are focused solely on the installation fees that they will earn by installing each window. However, if they are not certified by the manufacturer to install those windows, and something goes wrong, guess what? The manufacturer might not honor the warranty. It’s like buying a part for your car that would have been covered under the warranty, trying to install it yourself, and then breaking the part. The company is not going to honor that warranty.

At the same time, when you choose one of those international home improvement mega stores to buy your windows, not only are you going to be choosing from low quality, entry-level type windows, you’re going to have no control over the installer. They subcontract out the installation to the same type of people we just mentioned.

Just because a company is large or small doesn’t really mean much when it comes to replacement windows. You can find some high-quality companies that are very small, and a couple that is much larger, regional even.

Do they have a current license?

In California, if you plan on doing any type of work as a business, or as a contractor, you need a current license. Why do we emphasize the word current here? That’s because many contractors earn their license by passing the state-mandated tests, but then let them lapse. They might still use the license number.

Other contractors may use another company’s license number, passing it off as their own. The homeowner wouldn’t know unless they verified it with the state.

So make sure that you verify that any company you’re considering hiring to do any work in your home has a current license that is theirs.

Are they insured and bonded?

There’s a difference between insurance and bonds. When you’re doing any type of work on someone’s home, you’re going to want to have both. In fact, the State of California requires this for contractors doing certain types of work on homes or commercial properties.

If the company that you hire doesn’t have insurance or is not bonded, and something goes wrong during the installation process (someone gets hurt on your property, the house catches fire, a pipe bursts inside the walls, etc.), then you may be out of luck on trying to collect for the damages. Plus, your homeowner’s insurance might not pay out on the policy, because you didn’t do your due diligence to ensure that the contractor you hired was insured and bonded.

What kind of reputation do they have?

If the company is relatively new, it might be difficult to find out whether they go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of their customers. Companies that have been around for a while will usually have a solid reputation, though. This means that you will need to do your homeowner to investigate the company that you’re thinking about using for replacement windows.

Do they have a listing with the Better Business Bureau? If so, what rating have they earned? If it’s not stellar (A+), do they seem to address issues that customers have with them in a timely manner? Do they resolve the issues properly? Do they at least make the effort to do so?

What about online directories? You can learn a lot about different companies by searching for them online and reading reviews that some customers may have left for them.

No matter what you do, when you’re ready to get replacement windows for your home in Corte Madera, you should certainly do some homeowner before settling on any company.

Experienced in the Window and Door Industry

American Window Systems, Inc. has been serving the Corte Madera area and the surrounding Napa Valley region since 1976. We’ve been around the block a few times, so to speak and have decades of experience helping homeowners like yourself find the windows that are ideal for them.

We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It’s an impeccable reputation. So why would we mention the possibility of other companies for you? We want you to be happy with your new windows and the experience you have getting them. We understand that sometimes it’s not going to be us.

As long as you end up with the windows you want, and are served by a company that places your needs and desires first, that’s what matters most to us. If you want to find out if American Window Systems, Inc. is the ideal replacement window company for you, contact us today.