New is Good, But is it Necessary?

Anytime you invest in your home, whether it’s new furniture, a pool or new windows, it represents a significant investment! As a homeowner, you have your reasons for wanting to invest in new windows. Maybe your objective is to save on utilities or to repair damage to your frames or just jump-start the look of your home. Other homeowners in Benicia, CA want windows that are easier to maintain. And then there are those who want new windows that will block outside noise, increase privacy or reduce an exterior light source (i.e. the sun).

Wherever you fall on the grid is your own personal situation and you have specific reasons for wanting new windows. Those reasons are important to you and that makes them important to us!

Repair, Replace or Ignore
Nothing in a home is built to last forever and windows are no exception. Daily exposure to weather and sunlight takes its toll, and being made of glass makes windows especially vulnerable to breaking, cracking or splitting.

Minor damage is just that, but for bigger upgrades, a new window for your Benicia, CA home may be your best option. Consider these scenarios: what if the seal on the glass of a double-pane window fails, or air and moisture enters the window, causing irritating fog that blocks your view and is impossible to clean off? Sometimes this problem can be solved by simply having the seal fixed, but if the bigger issue is that the window frames themselves have warped, you will continue to experience poor seals and insulation.

So what do you do? Repair, replace or ignore?
Small Deficiencies Cause Big Problems
Building professionals agree: drafty air leaks and water condensing on the inside glass are indicators that the window isn’t protecting you from the outside world properly. Cold air infiltrates and heat pours out through the same weak seals, wasting your money. Older, single-pane windows are especially prone to leaking and the single pane of glass does little to block incoming light, heat and cold. Since windows are the source of up to 25 percent of lost energy, the auditor’s report should tell you how well your windows maintain proper energy and moisture control. You may only need to make simple modifications, like weather-stripping.

New or replacement windows aren’t the right choice for every home, but one thing is true: the overall design of a window can really make or break the window and energy efficiency and security should be at the top of your list.

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