Measuring For Replacement Windows

Incorrectly measuring for your replacement windows can not only delay your window replacement project, but it can also potentially be a costly error – especially if an order of custom replacement windows is needed. To help minimize errors, we’ve developed this easy to follow guide to properly measure for replacement windows.

Properly Measuring the Window Opening

Taking precise measurements for each window you plan to order is critical. If you measure incorrectly, your windows will not fit and the window opening will have to be enlarged or new windows will have to be ordered. This can cause significant delays in your window replacement project and increase project costs, so it is imperative that you do it correctly the first time.

Measuring Width – Measure your windows between the jambs at the top, middle and bottom of the window opening. Be certain that you measure from the surface of the window jambs, and not from the trim of your existing window opening. Always use the smallest of the three measurements because it is much simpler to make a window that is slightly smaller than the window opening fit properly than one that is too large.

Measuring Height – Measure the height of your window opening much in the same way that you measured the width. Measure from the highest point of the window still to the top of the window opening. You will want to make three measurements here as well: one on the right, one in the middle and one on the left. Again, use the smallest of the three window measurements.

Measuring Depth – When measuring window depth, it is important that you measure in front of obstructions. Measure the outer-most part of the window, not the window pane, as this can sometimes be recessed. Latches and handles may pose an additional challenge, so be sure to account for those when you measure.

After you have properly measured your windows, then and only then should you place your order for replacement windows. To eliminate any opportunity for error on your part, we recommend having a American Window Systems installation professional measure for and install your new windows.