How Windows Can Protect Your Home

You may not realize it but windows are an important part of your home. Not only do windows protect your home from bad weather as well as cold and hot weather, but windows can protect you from a wide variety of things. Read on to find out why windows are important and from what they can protect you.


New windows can help protect your home from outside annoyances such as noise. We’ve all been there, it’s 2am and your neighbors come home late, accidentally sounding their alarm. You jolt up out of bed to find out it’s just your neighbor and now you can’t get back to bed. Or maybe you live on a busy street and you’re relaxing on the sofa only to be disturbed by someone revving their engine past your windows, riling up your pets. And now you’ve missed the best part of the movie.  While you may not realize it, great windows will help block out sound allowing you to get better sleep and more relaxation.

Heat and Cold

Though Benecia, California isn’t known for their extra chilly weather, there are some areas in California (and other states) where it can get very cold and very hot. Having good windows will help regulate the temperature inside your home while keeping you and your family comfortable. Besides comfort, why is regulating temperature an important thing? Regulating the temperature inside your home will help control energy usage and will save you money on your energy bills overall. And no matter who you are, saving money is always a good thing.

Ultra-Violet Rays 

How can UV rays affect you when you’re inside? Plenty, actually. Ultra-Violet rays penetrate through windows causing damage to wood flooring, carpeting, furniture, fabrics and antiques. Windows help protect the inside of your home from these damaging rays so you don’t have to worry about having your furniture or home décor ruined.


While this may seem like a no-brainer to some, windows protect you from the elements and harsh weather conditions. As we’ve seen lately, there have been a lot of hurricanes and storms in surprising areas. These storms have devastated places leaving not much behind. Though Benecia has mild weather and rarely falls victim to major hurricanes, it’s important to plan ahead. Windows can save lives. In bad weather situations, windows protect from heavy rains, flying debris and potential flooding in a home.

However for windows to work their best, they not only have to be taken care of, but they have to be replaced when they break or become severely damaged. Just like a car, regularly keeping up with maintenance on your windows will make a big difference.

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