How Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

When it comes to replacing household windows, one major concern among homeowners is dealing with the extra cost. While replacement windows do require their fair share of an investment, the truth is, this simple home improvement project can actually save homeowners money in long run. Here we will be discussing some ways that replacement windows help fill your wallet, rather than empty them.

• Replacement Windows Save You Money on Your Monthly Electric Bill
One of the most motivating reasons for homeowners to switch out their windows is to save money on their monthly energy expenses. By replacing traditional windows like wood, with more energy efficient windows like vinyl, homeowners can drastically reduce the likelihood of drafts occurring, helping to insulate their home and reduce their electric bill.

• Replacement Windows Save You Money on Repairs
In an effort to save on having to replace their windows entirely, many homeowners simply pay for repair after repair. However, these repairs quickly add up and can cost you more than a replacement project. It’s important to understand that some window materials are more prone to weather damage than others. If you have windows that retain moisture, causing then to swell or rot, you’ll have to continue paying for repairs season after season. By switching out your windows for a more durable material like fiberglass or vinyl, you’ll reduce the need to pay for a repair.

• Replacement Windows Save You Money on Upkeep Costs
If you have wooden windows, chances are you are familiar with the annual peeling, sanding, staining and painting required to keep them looking new. In addition to dealing with this chore year after year, you also have to pay for the cost of materials, paint, and professional services. The truth is, all of this upkeep is unnecessary, by switching to a low maintenance window material like vinyl, the most you will be required to do is the occasional cleaning with soap and water.

• Replacement Windows Can Raise the Resale Value on Your Home
Yes, you read that right. Not only can replacement windows save you money in multiple areas but they can also help you EARN money. Recent real estate reports have found that homes with vinyl windows sell at a higher rate than those without. In fact, homeowners can expect up to an 80% return on the original cost of their windows, once they’ve sold.

With so many areas of savings, it’s easy to see why San Rafael, CA replacement windows should be considered a valuable investment, rather than an extra expense. If you’re ready to find your new replacement windows and start saving money today, we suggest speaking with one of our team experts. The experts at American Window Systems will help answer any questions you may have about the buying and installation process. Simply give us a call at (707) 304-5311 or visit us in person at 1729 Action Avenue, Suite B Napa, CA 94559.