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Full Frame or Insert Window Replacement?

Choosing the right window replacements can be a lengthy process that involves making many different choices. One of these is whether to opt for a full frame replacement or an insert replacement. Your choice will vary depending on a number of factors. For those who are not sure what each of these options means, Sonoma, CA replacement window companies can help.   

A full frame window replacement is the more complex of these two choices. This kind of replacement involves removing the entire frame and window, leaving nothing behind except the space. This can be a good choice for windows that are very damaged, especially by water. If your home has had water damage, removing the frame completely can help the installer or expert see if there is rot or mold before installing the replacement window. A full frame window replacement also makes it possible for you to install a completely new style and size of window than you originally had. Many times, the siding may also be removed in the process, which makes it even easier to replace with a different style of widow. It is important to know that it does take longer to get these kind of installations done and it can be a bit more costly.   

An insert window replacement only removes parts of the window, typically the glass panes and outer structure. This means that it leaves behind the basic frame, so it is a much quicker installation process when you do replace the windows. If your windows are sound, structurally, and if you are not concerned with damage of any sort, then it can be a good option. Why change the entire structure if it is working correctly? This option is one that is best for regularly sized windows. If yours are larger or irregularly sized, you may need to do a full frame replacement to get the exact fit you want. Keep in mind that an insert window replacement might reduce a bit the amount of light you receive. This is because you will be installing a new frame over one that is already in place, narrowing the space. It is, however, the most affordable option and the one that takes the shortest amount of time to get done. If your windows are sound and you do not have a huge budget, this can be exactly the right choice for your home.   

Deciding between full frame or insert window replacements does not have to be a difficult process when you know what to expect. With a bit of guidance from a company that offers replacement windows in Sonoma, CA, you can compare the options you have for your home and your windows. Once you make this decision, you can get started with the replacement. To learn more, contact American Window Systems, Inc. You can find them at 1729 Action Ave Suite B Napa, CA 94559 or by calling (707) 258-0880 right now to hear about their window replacement options.