Different Styles of Windows to Choose From

Choosing a window can be tiresome and frustrating, especially when it seems you have an endless amount of options. While having a wide variety of different styles to choose from can be great for some, for others, it spells out trouble. How do you choose which window is right for your home? Which window will look best in your home? And which window will provide the most benefits while not breaking your budget?

This can be a hard thing to find, however, with some research at home combined with working with a professional, you’ll find a perfect window for your home that checks off all your boxes. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the options you have at American Window Systems, Inc.

One of the many great windows we offer are garden windows. These windows feature functional casement sidelites and also create a beautiful sunlit area to show off plants, collectibles and personal items that are special.

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, however, they are more rounded in appearance and are mulled at 10-degree angles for a great look. These windows look great in dining and living rooms, giving your space an elegant look.

Geometric windows, while not for everyone, offer interesting shapes for spaces such as attics and other areas. These types of fixed windows also come in many stylish shapes.

Bay windows are one of the most popular and sought-after windows among homeowners. These windows are created by mulling three windows at either 45 or 30-degree angles to make a gorgeous look. Wherever you install bay windows, your space will have a new and gorgeous look.

Picture windows are also very popular. These windows are fixed and do not open or close. Picture windows allow lots of natural light inside and are made for maximum views so you’ll never have to worry about clunky or thick frames taking inches away from your serene view.

Awning windows are popular, too. These windows have a hinge sash on the top and crank out and upwards for airflow.

Casement windows are wonderful investments. These windows feature a hinged sash on the side that cranks open to 90 degrees for maximum ventilation and cross flow.

3-Lite Sliders, unknown to a lot of homeowners, these windows are perfect for wide openings. 3-Lite sliders as well as end vent sliders have tow operable sashes with a fixed center sash.

Double slider windows feature both opening and closing sashes when the window is glided from side to side.

While there are many different styles of windows ultimately, it’s important you choose one that you can picture in your home and a window that will work best for your Vallejo, CA home at an affordable price. At American Window Systems Inc. we can help you find different style windows that work best for your home. We have an array of options to choose from, and our specialists can walk you through the entire process.

Contact us today at (707) 304-5311.  You can also come down and visit our showroom located at 1729 Action Avenue, Suite B, Napa, CA 94559. Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM. American Window Systems Inc. is the best home window Vallejo, CA when it comes to finding different style window, let us help you today!