Different Styles of Windows for Your Home

Having difficulty choosing the type of window styles that would look best in your home? Don’t sweat it. American Window Systems, Inc. has been servicing the Vallejo area for years and we love helping homeowners choose a window that best works for their space. We’re really great at helping homeowners narrow down what they’re looking for and the style they need. But if you want to take a look at some of the different styles of windows we offer, read on to see some of our favorite windows. 

Single Hung

Single hung windows are popular windows, often found in apartments, condos and homes country wide. They are great and very easy to operate. They work great in bedrooms, living rooms, dens and even bathrooms. These windows have two sashes, one on the top window which is fixed, and the other on the bottom window which opens. 

Single Slider

Like double slider windows, these windows slide open and look great in spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms. However, their main difference is that only one sash opens allowing the window to glide open while the other stays in a fixed position. 


Casement windows are beautiful windows. They open out allowing amazing air crossflow into your home. These windows are great for homes in warm weather states like California, where homeowners can enjoy warm breeze all day. 

Double Slider

These windows fit nicely in homes and are very easy to open and close. These windows can glide from left to right and have two sashes that open. They look great in living rooms and dining rooms. 

Bay Windows

These windows are gorgeous and look amazing in each and every home. They give off a regal and elegant charm, something that not many windows can do. Bay windows offer breathtaking views by connecting three windows at 45-degree or 30-degree angles.   

Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open. These windows are stationary and don’t allow for crossflow. But these windows do allow for “picture perfect” views and can transform the look of a room into a more elegant and stylish space. 

While there are even more options to choose from than those above, when you work with American Window Systems, Inc., if you’re indecisive about which window will work best for your home, we’ll help. We can give our expert opinion to help narrow your choices. We believe in helping Vallejo residents as best we can to make an informative decision. We love seeing our customers happy and fully satisfied with their window purchase and installation. With over 50 years’ experience, we’re the best choice for home windows in Vallejo, California. 

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