Attractive Basement Windows

When you think of basement windows, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a bland, ugly little window that provides little natural lighting and poor ventilation. Fortunately, if you are looking for replacement basement windows, there is good news.

Today’s replacement basement window selections offer a lot more versatility and better aesthetics than the basement windows of the past. Although Weather Shield does not manufacture windows that are specifically designed for basements, our sliding windows, awning windows and casement windows are popular choices for homeowners looking to upgrade their basement windows.

Awning & Casement Basement Windows

Awning and casement windows are excellent choices for basement windows for several reasons. With basement windows, accessibility is sometimes a problem. A typical basement window must be located only a few inches from the ceiling, making it difficult to reach for most people. Casement and awning windows have hand cranks that make opening the windows easy. A simple turn of the crank allows you to open the window fully—providing your basement with fresh air.

Sliding Basement Windows

If awning or casement windows are not for you, sliding windows are a great alternative for your basement. Sliding windows require very little vertical height to operate because they operate laterally—making them a great choice for any basement.

Upgrade Your Basement Windows

The days of having a dark, gloomy basement are gone. With our window selections, your basement can have better lighting, ventilation, and security than ever before. The right windows can help transform your unappealing basement into a livable space. If you need help determining which type of windows are best suited for your basement, have a professional window installer assess your home and make a recommendation.

Schedule a Window Replacement Estimate

If you would like a basement replacement window estimate for your home or business or would simply like to learn more about our window selections, contact us directly, or find a Weather Shield dealer near you! Our window and door dealers are fully trained and provide high-quality installation to complement and enhance our premium window and door selection.