“I fall really, really far.” That’s what Dylan Hayes, age 4, had to say in March after he fell out of a window three stories off the ground. The Colorado child is fortunate to have landed on his feet and only required an overnight stay at a local hospital.

Dylan’s mother had moved the couch closer to her apartment window in order to shampoo her carpets. Unfortunately, that’s one of the big “no-no’s” for parents with young children. Having any kind of furniture near windows can be a dangerous situation.

When it comes to windows, homeowners need to be vigilant in making sure that children understand the importance of safety. As part of National Window Safety Week, April 7-13, 2013, the experts at Simonton Windows recommend parents of youngsters adopt an extremely cautious attitude with children and the windows in their home.

“Children should be taught at a young age to stay away from windows for their own safety,” says Gary Pember, vice president of marketing for Simonton Windows. “Parents can help safeguard children in the home by keeping furniture (including cribs) and anything else a child can climb on, away from windows. And, if your home has Double Hung windows, open only the top part of the window that children cannot reach, to allow for ventilation.”

Pember offers these timely tips for window safety in the home:

  • Tip #1 – Remember the primary purpose of a window screen is to keep insects outside. Never push on screens, as they will not support the weight of a child or family pet.
  • Tip #2 – Lock windows when not in use to protect against intruders and make it more difficult for curious young children to open windows.
  • Tip #3 – Do not paint or nail windows shut. Every window in the home that is designed to be opened should be operational in case of an emergency.
  • Tip #4 – Refrain from nailing or attaching decorative lights to the interior or exterior of window frames.
  • Tip #5 – Plant shrubs or grass, and place “soft landscaping” like bark or mulch, directly underneath windows to help lessen the impact should someone accidently fall out of a window.

Double pane windows, also sometimes called dual pane windows, are windows that have two panes of glass inset into the frame of the window. The panes of glass are separated, creating an insulating air pocket that inhibits heat transfer much better than single pane windows.

The separation between the panes of glass can vary, but it is approximately a half-inch in most windows. Depending on the window manufacturer, the separation may be filled with a non-toxic insulating gas to further insulate the window. All Weather Shield double and triple pane windows contain inert insulating gas to improve energy efficiency.

What is Conduction in Windows?

Conduction is the transfer of heat between materials and varies depending on the type of material used. Most windows are composed of one of four materials: wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or a combination of these materials. The low conduction properties of insulated double pane windows combined with a low conduction material like fiberglass, wood, or vinyl can create exceptionally energy efficient windows.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows have several advantages over single pane windows. The most notable advantages are:

  • Better insulation – double pane windows, especially those with insulating gas, offer superior insulation.
  • Noise reduction – better insulating properties not only help regulate the temperature in your home, they also help insulate against exterior noise, making them especially beneficial for homes near roads, train tracks, or other sources of noise.
  • Lower energy bills – superior insulation from double pane windows decreases the amount of heat transfer in your home, lowering the work load on your heating and cooling systems – the highest source of energy use in the average home.
  • Increased comfort – decreased heat transfer will not only help lower your energy bills, but also increase the comfort level of your home. Double pane windows will help eliminate uncomfortable hot and cold spots in your home, allowing you to enjoy all rooms without discomfort.

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J.D. Power and Associates Reports:

Highly Satisfied Customers of Window and Patio Door Brands Tend to Be Less Influenced by Price than
Are Customers with Lower Satisfaction

Simonton Ranks Highest in Overall Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors for a Third Consecutive Year.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.: 13 June 2012 —Window and patio door customers of brands with high levels of customer satisfaction most frequently cite professional recommendations, quality and their own past experience with purchasing windows as the key drivers in their purchase decision. This is a sharp contrast to brands with lower levels of satisfaction that are primarily selected based on price, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction StudySM released today.

Now in its sixth year, the study measures satisfaction among customers who purchased new windows or patio doors based on performance in six factors (listed in order of importance): ordering and delivery; operational performance and durability; price paid for products and services received; appearance and design features; warranty; and repair/replacement.

The study finds that while price is the primary driver of customers’ overall window purchase process (16%), there is relatively less focus on price among customers purchasing from brands with high levels of satisfaction. Highly satisfied customers (satisfaction scores of 795 and above) generally value the brand’s positive reputation or quality and recommendations from their contractors, family, friends and colleagues when shopping for windows.

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