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How to Know When to Replace Your Windows And Doors
replacement windows and doors San Rafael, California

Making the executive decision and calling for replacement windows for your home can be stressful. Especially when you don’t really know whether you need replacement windows or not. Many homeowners don’t remember when the last time they’ve replaced their windows … Continue reading

Why Switching to Vinyl Replacement Windows is a Great Investment
Mill Valley, California replacement windows and doors

Switching to vinyl windows is a great investment for homeowners. In this day and age, there are so many products on the market. Every year it feels like a new, better and more expensive product has hit the market, however, when … Continue reading

Making the Best of Your Budget
Santa Rosa, California replacement windows and doors

Santa Rosa, California replacement windows and doors can be an expensive investment for any homeowner. At American Window Systems, Inc., we understand that and are sympathetic to the needs of homeowners in the Santa Rosa area. We know the tricks to make your … Continue reading

How to Choose a Window and Door Specialist
Novato, California replacement windows and doors

When choosing a specialist to work with for Novato, California replacement windows and doors, there are a few things you should look for and refuse to negotiate with on the search for the right company. Spotting the right company can be an … Continue reading

The Best Material Options for Your Windows
Vallejo, California replacement windows and doors

Finding the right window can be difficult. There are a lot of pieces that play a part in choosing a window. Window material, style, color, price and performance ratings are all part of the bigger picture when it comes choosing … Continue reading

How to Spruce Up the Look of Your Home
replacement windows and doors in Petaluma, California

Sometimes watching episodes of home shows or flipping through home magazines can change the perception of your home very quickly. One minute your home is a beautifully decorated sanctuary, the next minute you want to rip down and throw away your … Continue reading

To Replace Your Windows or Not

Are you undecided about purchasing replacement windows for your home? Unsure if your home can use replacement windows or if your home is in desperate need? At American Window Systems, Inc., we can help. Our trained installers can assess your … Continue reading

The Price of Picking the Wrong Window

Purchasing a window can be a fickle thing. It’s not as easy as going to the mall and trying on shoes or clothing…making a purchase and walking out the store with your new items. There’s a reason why purchasing a … Continue reading

The charm of vinyl windows

Are you looking for windows that can make your home better looking? Perhaps you’re looking for windows that take your home to the next level? Vinyl windows are among the best windows on the market. These windows can take a … Continue reading

Performance Windows

Ever take a quiz on your knowledge of windows? Ever been tested on how well your windows perform in your home? The answer is probably no. Windows aren’t the most fun topics to be tested on, but a little bit … Continue reading

Different Styles of Windows for Your Home

Having difficulty choosing the type of window styles that would look best in your home? Don’t sweat it. American Window Systems, Inc. has been servicing the Vallejo area for years and we love helping homeowners choose a window that best … Continue reading

What Makes a Perfect Replacement Window?

What makes a perfect replacement window? Sometimes the question is easy, but the answer isn’t. The good news is, American Window Systems, Inc. has an answer. The bad news is, it’s not the easiest answer. Replacement windows often take a … Continue reading

Features of High-Quality Windows

There are a lot of great features to look for in high-quality vinyl windows. But exactly what features should a homeowner look for when purchasing windows? First off, it should be noted that high-performance windows are very important. Windows that … Continue reading

Replacement Window Indecisiveness?

Thinking of purchasing replacement windows? Don’t know where to start? Deciding on a new investment such as windows can be a big decision. Not only are you investing time and money into a product, but you’re also purchasing it to … Continue reading

The Price of Windows

Ever wonder what makes windows worth their price? Windows can be quite costly and often, homeowners don’t even know why they’re paying these high prices. Windows can be some of the most important elements in keeping your home and family … Continue reading

Spring Windows

Santa Rosa residents can rest easy this spring knowing that they’re in safe hands with American Window Systems, Inc. We’ve got all your window needs covered! As the weather gets warmer and AC units get prepped for the summer, it’s … Continue reading

How to Know Which Window is Best for You

Window shopping can often be both fun and nerve-wracking. Windows are a big investment and it’s important that you invest correctly. The last thing homeowners want is to purchase an expensive window that doesn’t do their home justice…o a window … Continue reading

How Important are Replacement Windows?

You may ask yourself “why do I need to replace my windows?” Or “why are replacement windows important?” And the short answer is…they’re important for an array of reasons and it’s very beneficial to make sure your windows are replaced … Continue reading

Vinyl vs Wood

When it comes to choosing window materials, it’s not always the easiest decisions. Pricing and style always go into the decision-making process. However, it’s important that whatever windows and frame material you choose should fit your personal tastes. And though … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a New Window

Choosing a new window is not a black and white choice. In fact, decision making is very grey. Do your windows really need to be replaced? Can they wait till you have room in your budget? More often than not, … Continue reading

Looking to revamp your home?

Looking to revamp your home? Watched some episodes of Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper and now you want to redecorate and change the look of your home? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes homeowners get bored of … Continue reading

How Do Window Estimates Help?

So, you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a new window. Should you or should you not? Maybe you should purchase new windows for your home tomorrow or maybe you should wait another six months. Sometimes you just … Continue reading

Where to Shop for Windows in Santa Rosa

In need of excellent windows for your home? Live in the Santa Rosa, California area? Then you’re in luck! American Windows has you covered! We have some of the best brand name windows in the country and affordable prices that … Continue reading

What to Know About the Best Vinyl Window Brands

There are tons of windows and great brands on the market that offer exceptional windows at affordable prices, but there are only a handful of brands that offer top-notch windows that can’t be beat. Cascade Windows is one of these … Continue reading

How to Dress Your Replacement Windows

Dressing your replacement windows can be difficult if you have no idea where to start. Maybe you’ve recently purchased replacement windows and they are different than the ones you’ve always had in your home. Maybe you’re looking for a change … Continue reading

California Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are like magic windows for homes all across the country. While it may seem like they’ve just hit the market recently, they’ve actually been around for decades. Vinyl windows are made from components of polyvinyl chloride, also known … Continue reading

Vinyl Window Benefits

Vinyl windows have become quite popular in the last thirty years. Many homeowners prefer them over any other type of windows. Why? For a number of reasons! Read on to see the benefits of vinyl windows and why you should … Continue reading

The Impact of Energy Efficient Windows on Your Home

Ever wonder how energy efficiency impacts your home? Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a new or replacement window for your house or condo. Wouldn’t you want that new window to be energy efficient and to work hard to save you … Continue reading

The Dangers of Not Replacing Your Windows

In need of replacement windows for your home? Then you’ve come to the right place! At American Window Systems Inc, we have a huge variety of replacement windows every homeowner can choose from. Whether you’re looking to replace windows on … Continue reading

Selling Your Home Without New Windows?

Looking for windows for your home in the Santa Rosa area? Don’t know where to start with all the options? Choosing windows can be both a fun and daunting experience. There are a number of styles, colors and materials to … Continue reading

The Top Aluminum Window Brand

Thinking about purchasing aluminum replacement windows? Aluminum is a smart investment since these windows are great when it comes to efficiency. Not only is aluminum known for its strength and high quality, but this material also adds lasting value and … Continue reading

The Best Type of Cascade Windows

Think you know everything about windows? Think again. Have you been searching for new windows that will take your home to the next level and protect your home year round from heat and inclement weather? If so, then Cascade vinyl … Continue reading

The Best Features of High-Quality Windows

When looking for high quality windows, it’s important to know the market. For instance, what you’re looking for, what deals are out there and what are the highest rated windows. It’s important to work with a professional who can help … Continue reading

How Windows Can Protect Your Home

You may not realize it but windows are an important part of your home. Not only do windows protect your home from bad weather as well as cold and hot weather, but windows can protect you from a wide variety … Continue reading

How to Go Green

Looking to update your windows? Are your current windows outdated and ruining the look of your home? Or maybe you’re looking to cut down on energy costs and want to go green. Or perhaps you just want to be more … Continue reading

How Long You Should Wait to Replace a Window

Ever wonder how often you should replace your windows? And what happens if you wait too long? Is 10, 15 or 25 years too long to wait? American Window Systems Inc. can help you figure out if your windows need … Continue reading

Different Styles of Windows to Choose From

Choosing a window can be tiresome and frustrating, especially when it seems you have an endless amount of options. While having a wide variety of different styles to choose from can be great for some, for others, it spells out … Continue reading

Are Vinyl Windows Right for Your Home?

Trying to figure out if vinyl windows are right for your home? Don’t know much about vinyl windows? Maybe you’ve always had wood windows but you’re sick of the upkeep and want a change. Or perhaps you have aluminum windows … Continue reading

Why Broken Windows are Dangerous and Costly

When it comes time to replace your window it can be a total pain and very time consuming, not to mention completely unbudgeted for. But when it comes to replacement windows, American Window Systems, Inc. has got you covered. We … Continue reading

The Top Three Vinyl Windows

Looking for vinyl windows? Not sure what company is the best? American Window Systems, Inc. offers Simonton vinyl windows, Cascade vinyl windows and Plygem vinyl windows. All three companies sell some of the best windows on the market and offer … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Windows

Knowing the benefits and disadvantages of each type and style of window is an important part of purchasing new or replacement windows. It’s always good to know the benefits and drawbacks of windows such as wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. And … Continue reading

The Different Window Types

In need of new or replacement windows but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for windows that will showcase your plants or windows that will show off your gorgeous property from your comfy sofa? Or maybe you want … Continue reading

Adding Resale Value to Your Home with New Windows

Are you looking to sell your home? Or perhaps just looking to add some improvements to your already gorgeous home? Either way, adding new and updated windows to your home will give you resale value and curb appeal like you’ve … Continue reading

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Replace Your Windows

Imagine this: the holidays are coming and you’re all set to host your family and friends who are flying in from all around the world, but there’s just one small problem: your windows. Maybe the last windows you purchased are … Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Windows

Whether you’ve heard about vinyl windows before or you know nothing about them, vinyl windows can sometimes be your best bet when it comes to finding new and affordable windows for your home. Regardless of whether your home is new … Continue reading

The Importance of Purchasing Great Windows

While you may think that installing any window in your home will work for your space, nine times out of ten, that’s not the case. Sometimes budgets can affect which window you purchase and sometimes when you do purchase a … Continue reading

Seasonal Change and Replacement Windows

Is there a valid time of year when you should consider getting new replacement windows? Maybe ”Yes” and maybe “No.” A lot of these decisions are based on where you live. For example, some home improvements lend themselves better to … Continue reading

Replacement Windows: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Life as we know it in Benicia, CA is exciting and challenging…you know why? Because everyone in this town is different! And nowhere is that more apparent than among homeowners. Every individual who owns a home has a specific idea … Continue reading

Vinyl windows: Weighing Your Options

When considering whether or not vinyl windows for your Benicia, CA home suit your needs (and that of your home), the best approach is to weigh your options. There are many things to consider. From a budget perspective, how important … Continue reading

New is Good, But is it Necessary?

Anytime you invest in your home, whether it’s new furniture, a pool or new windows, it represents a significant investment! As a homeowner, you have your reasons for wanting to invest in new windows. Maybe your objective is to save … Continue reading

Vinyl Windows in Santa Rosa, CA

Vinyl windows often play an important part in saving energy and money while heating and cooling your Santa Rosa, CA home. There are plenty of ways that your house loses heating and cooling energy, but windows are by far one … Continue reading

Replacement Windows: Change we Must

When it comes to your Santa Rosa, CA home and its furnishings, nothing lasts forever. Things age and need to be upgraded which is why replacement windows for your home are such an important aspect of your home’s ‘shelf-life.” Replacing … Continue reading

Vinyl Windows: Not Just Good but GREAT!

When it comes to windows in the Mission Viejo area, vinyl windows are more popular than ever and with good reason! Vinyl windows are low maintenance, don’t require painting and are scratch and rot-resistant. If you can handle a damp … Continue reading

A Look through the Window in Mission Viejo, CA

There’s an old proverb that says, “Life is just as long as the time it takes for someone to pass by a window.” If that’s true, let’s hope every house has lots of windows! Chances are that the main reason … Continue reading

Vinyl Replacement Windows: The Right Windows for your Santa Rosa Home

There you are: middle of summer in Santa Rosa, CA. The air conditioning is on but there’s a warm draft somewhere and it’s causing a bead of sweat to slowly snake its way down your back. How can this be … Continue reading

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

Famous baseball player and manager the late Yogi Berra was famous for confronting the face of adversity by saying “It ain’t over till it’s over.” I don’t think Yogi ever had to deal with window replacement for his home but … Continue reading

It Never Rains in (Northern) California

Anyone out there who is old enough to remember the song “It Doesn’t Rain in Southern California” knows the punch line: “Of course it doesn’t rain, it pours!” OK, Sonoma may not be in Southern Cali but it gets its … Continue reading

Somebody Give me a Squeegee

Just think of how insignificant the quality of life would be in your home without windows: You wake up in the morning in anticipation of a wonderful sunrise and all you can do is fixate on a brick wall. In … Continue reading

You’re Cracking Me Up

There you are: middle of summer in Santa Rosa, CA. The air conditioning is on but there’s a draft somewhere and it’s causing a bead of sweat to slowly snake its way down the slope of your back towards your … Continue reading

Your Windows and Features to Look For

You know what you’re looking for and you what you like. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about an automobile or a new outfit. There are features that jump out at you and hook your interest just like there are … Continue reading

Going Out in Style!

Saying that a window is nothing more than a pane of glass stuck inside an insulated frame is like saying a house is just four walls and a roof! The truth is that are as many different styles of quality … Continue reading

Sorry, But You’ve Been Replaced

These days, we’re pretty much all expendable. It doesn’t really matter who you are or what you do! It doesn’t take much to be replaced. The difference between us and any other component in your house is that we can … Continue reading

Not All it’s Cracked Up to Be

Do you have a cracked window in your Sonoma, CA home? The window pane isn’t broken per se but there’s a subtle narrow split in the glass jutting out from the edge or the corner of the frame. How and … Continue reading

Sometimes Change is Good

Sonoma, CA boasts some of the most stunning views in California. But it’s all for naught if your windows are hindering your view because the frames are warped, there’s condensation between the panes and harmful light pouring into your home. … Continue reading

The Condensed Version

Condensation: It’s almost like someone smeared Vaseline or oil between the panes of glass in your windows. The bad thing about condensation is that when it forms between double pane windows, it breaks the “seal” on the glass. Otherwise how … Continue reading

Good Enough to Bring Home to Mom

Like just about everything else that has to do with your home, the task of upgrading your windows can seem like an insurmountable task. Today’s replacement window vinyl technology means that homeowners in Santa Rosa, CA have a lot of … Continue reading

How Replacement Windows Can Save You Money

When it comes to replacing household windows, one major concern among homeowners is dealing with the extra cost. While replacement windows do require their fair share of an investment, the truth is, this simple home improvement project can actually save … Continue reading

How Vinyl Windows Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many homeowners in Benicia are seeking out a reliable window material that can also offer energy savings. Fortunately, you don’t have to make a hefty investment to reduce both your carbon footprint and monthly energy bill. Vinyl windows were introduced … Continue reading

Installing Your Own Windows vs. Having it Professionally Done

In a world with Pinterest, blog posts, and “Do It Yourself” videos for practically anything, many Benicia homeowners may find it tempting to install their own windows in an effort to save money. While there are many benefits to taking … Continue reading

What to Consider When Buying New Windows

Shopping for new windows for your Sonoma home is an inspirational and exciting time. The market has never been filled with so many style options, and design ideas have never been so readily available. It’s easy to see how the … Continue reading

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

For many Benicia homeowners, window replacement is something that’s reserved for a shattered glass or a broken frame. With so much going on in the daily lives of homeowners, windows just don’t get the attention they need until something goes … Continue reading

Window Styles For Your Vallejo Home

If you live in or near Vallejo, CA, you live in a beautiful area surrounded by gorgeous views. We have it all: the San Pablo and Grizzly Bays, Napa Valley and the Wine Country—and we are located at the center … Continue reading

High-Quality Windows: What To Look For!

Choosing new or replacement windows for your home is one of the most significant home improvement projects you can take on. This is an important decision and requires homeowners to consider many contributing factors: budget, style, timeframe, long-term investment, and … Continue reading

Its National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month and there is no better time to take care of your windows and doors… whether you’re installing new windows, new doors or adding replacement windows to your home, American Window Systems is there to … Continue reading

Sonoma County Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is what inspires our April issue because this annual celebration is not only about bringing attention to what keeps us alive and vital, it’s also an opportunity for people to gather to care for our planet. All across … Continue reading

Window Safety Tips To Keep Children Safe

“I fall really, really far.” That’s what Dylan Hayes, age 4, had to say in March after he fell out of a window three stories off the ground. The Colorado child is fortunate to have landed on his feet and … Continue reading

American Window Systems Servicing Your Community!

We offer our Window Replacement and installation services in the following cities and communities: Napa Valley Marin County Contra Costa County Sonoma County

Marin County 1 Year Anniversary! just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. American Window Systems has been providing quality Windows and Doors to residence of Marin County for over 35 years. If you would like to have a free estimate or need help deciding what … Continue reading

Simonton Windows Ranks #1 in Quality in 2013 Builder Brand Use Study

We are excited to announce a fantastic start to the 2013 New Year–Simonton Windows has been ranked #1 in Quality in the 2013 Builder Brand Use Study sponsored by Builder magazine! As you know, this is not the first time … Continue reading

What is Low-E Glass?

If you are actively shopping for windows, you have probably seen the phrase “low-e glass” pop up several times. So what exactly is low-e glass? Low-e glass, officially called low emissivity glass, is a type of glass that is treated … Continue reading

Attractive Basement Windows

When you think of basement windows, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a bland, ugly little window that provides little natural lighting and poor ventilation. Fortunately, if you are looking for replacement basement windows, there is good … Continue reading

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows

What is the difference between vinyl and wood windows? Should I install vinyl or wood windows? These are common questions that we often receive, so we are going to address the many ways in which our vinyl and wood windows … Continue reading

What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are multi-piece windows that typically extend outward from the exterior wall of a home or business. Although they can be used, and are commonly found, on all styles of home, they are most often found on Victorian or … Continue reading

What are the Most Energy Efficient Windows?

In an age of constantly rising energy prices, many home and business owners are looking for every way they can to improve efficiency and decrease electricity bills. Windows have improved efficiency levels substantially in the last two decades as consumer … Continue reading

Window Safety Tips

With the cool fall weather in full swing across much of the United States, homes and businesses are more likely to have their windows open. Failure to take adequate safety precautions leads to an increase in window related accidents during … Continue reading

Window Winterization: How to Insulate Your Windows For Winter

The on-set of cold weather brings unwelcome winter drafts to many homes and businesses across America each year. Homes with old and poorly sealed windows allow for an easy transfer of heat from the inside of your home out, making … Continue reading

Measuring For Replacement Windows

Incorrectly measuring for your replacement windows can not only delay your window replacement project, but it can also potentially be a costly error – especially if an order of custom replacement windows is needed. To help minimize errors, we’ve developed … Continue reading

How Do Double Pane Windows Work?

Double pane windows, also sometimes called dual pane windows, are windows that have two panes of glass inset into the frame of the window. The panes of glass are separated, creating an insulating air pocket that inhibits heat transfer much … Continue reading

ABC News Features Hurd Windows & Doors

Hurd is very proud to have been in the spotlight on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer last night. View the presentation here We thank all of our distributor partners for Hurd’s success. American Window Systems is proud to be … Continue reading

Serving Napa with Replacement Windows

Serving Napa with Replacement Windows and Doors for over 35 Years American Window Systems is proud to be serving Napa Valley residents for over 35 years. Located in downtown Napa, we specialize in Replacement Windows and Door and offer FREE … Continue reading

Highly Satisfied Customers of Window and Patio Door Brands Tend to Be Less Influenced by Price…

J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Highly Satisfied Customers of Window and Patio Door Brands Tend to Be Less Influenced by Price than Are Customers with Lower Satisfaction Simonton Ranks Highest in Overall Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors for a … Continue reading